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The objective of Ferguson Financial is to provide a “customized” financial service for the clients that demand such assistance.  I think of assets a little differently.  My investment recommendations are based on “what it’s for,” rather than “what it is.”  What does that mean?


  • Talking a widow through some difficult decisions financial decisions while he/she are often being pulled in different directions by family members and/or friends. 


  • Discuss beneficiary planning strategies to a farmer, and wife, whose wealth is heavily centered on long-owned family land and would like it to stay within the family upon their passing. 


  • Making recommendations to a business owner on how to keep “key employees” from leaving their employment without having to provide “everyone” with a retirement plan.


  • Resolving the financial concerns that retirees face:  running out of income, cost of nursing   home expenses, increasing income to keep up with cost of living, and preserving assets, just to name a few.


  • Providing resolve to a family concerned with estate tax/gifting limits/tax rates now, and preparing for possible changes after 2025 sunset of tax laws.

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Wealth Transfer Strategies


Business Succession Strategies


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Email :  retire@fergusonfinancial.com
Phone : 979.206.2100