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About Ferguson Financial

This year, I will reach my 20th anniversary in the Financial Services business.  During that time, I gradually began to enjoy the challenges brought forth with my retirees, widows, divorcees, blended families, and business owner clients.  These specific challenges transcend the results a fee-based advisor might provide. 

As we grow older, our definition of a “successful plan” adapts to our situation. At Ferguson Financial, our goal is to provide options to clients that focus on “protecting their assets” rather than “growth of the assets.” 

If you’re searching for a “fee-based money manager,” you will not find it at Ferguson Financial.  To provide a “focused service” model such as this, an attention to detail is required.  That attention should not be distracted by the concerns of a volatile market.

Each client has their concerns, but the objectives might include, but not limited to, protection from the following:

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