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Generational Changes

I recently heard a 20-something year old state that “Patriotism” is an exaggerated term and is used to hide a "racist ideology."


My generation learned what ”Patriotism” meant from our grand-parents. They worked harder, received less, and contributed more (without praise), than any generation that has followed. They acknowledged effort, despised quitters, too proud to make excuses, only rewarded success, and humble with praise.

These qualities were rooted no matter the race, sex, religious preference, or culture. Even though they were divided by those things, they were always united in an unwavering cause, symbolized by a flag and represented by a song they adopted as our National Anthem in 1931.

I believe character can be strengthened through hardships if we allow it.

So before you compare, make accusations, and point fingers, compare your hardship to theirs. This is what someone born in 1914 when through in their first 28 years. How do you compare?

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